Student council


The purpose of the student council is to give the pupils a voice and improve communication between pupils and teachers, the aim is to give them a positive role in school and ensure they are listened to and respected for their ideas and concerns, it involves the pupils in many of the decisions, which are made regarding day to day running and management of the school. Discussions/agendas at council meetings are minuted and put onto the agenda of Senior Management Team (SMT) meetings to be discussed/acted upon at management level.  Moreover it helps to develop social and learning skills in many areas such as speaking and listening, problem solving and decision-making.

The student council discusses and makes decisions regarding:
  • School rules
  • Anti-bullying approaches
  • Relationships
  • Care for school building
  • Games and activities at lunchtimes and after school
  • Behaviour and discipline
  • The environment of the school
  • Fundraising
  • Health and safety
  • Other relevant matters

Each September the children in their classes elect new members of the student council.

Student Council Representatives in School
Aadam Miah
Year 7
Thank you for choosing me as school councillor for my year. I am extremely happy as I am now able to put forward my class’s ideas, my 3 Promises are to:
1) Increase the number of trips.
2) Review the disciplinary procedures and policies.
3) Increase break times.
Md Hanif Hussain
Year 8
Alhamdulillah, in my second year at the school I have been selected as the Y8 Student Councillor, it is an honour my fellow classmates have chosen me, my three promises are:
1) Improve further the creative and aesthetic opportunities in school.
2) To be open and available to raise any concerns my class have.
3) Improve extra-curricular opportunities in school.
Zahin Zakaria
Year 9
Alhamdulillah my class have voted for me to be their student councillor for which I am grateful and happy. They have placed their trust in me to voice their concerns and I understand how important keeping an amanah (Trust) is so I will try my hardest to fulfil their needs, my three promises are:
1) To assess the need for the Tahfiz Enrichment Programme.
2) Add further activities for lunch and break times.
3) To let everyone bring a phone in school.
Shahadot Kamaly
Year 10
Alhamdullilah, I have been selected to be the student councillor for my class. I am exceptionally grateful that my class has placed their trust in me therefore in return I shall try my utmost to fulfil their needs, my three promises are:
1) To increase the time for lunch and break.
2) To remove the TEP class or reduce it.
3) To change the disciplinary policy.
Alim Saifullah Khan
Year 11
Alhamdulillah, I have been given the opportunity of being elected as school councillor for my year, year 11. First and foremost, I thank all my fellow classmates for electing me, as student councillor, secondly I will try my utmost to fulfil their needs and requests.  The three proposals which I will be putting forward and pushing to implement are:
1) Improve hot food facilities.
2) Review the sanctions and disciplinary policy.
3) Improve dining arrangements.
Monthly Meeting Dates 2016/17
  1. Wednesday 12th October 2016
  2. Wednesday 9th November 2016
  3. Wednesday 7th December 2016
  4. Wednesday 11th January 2017
  5. Wednesday 1st February 2017
  6. Wednesday 8th March 2017
  7. Wednesday 26th April 2017
  8. Wednesday 17th May 2017
  9. Wednesday 14th June 2017
  10. Wednesday 12th July 2017
  • All meetings will be held at lunch times that day, from 12.45pm – 1.25pm in the Maths Room
  • Students will be provided with lunch on the day to make it a working lunch and maximise the time during meetings.

Please Note: The Student Council Meeting will not be accepted as an excuse for not doing homework or class work therefore Student Representatives must complete all missed class work as their homework.

Student Council Achievements
  1. Introduction of Indoor games. (Table tennis, pool, table football)
  2. Introduction of a Trip Request form which allows any student council member to request a class trip while undertaking the necessary research so leadership skills are built and the organisation of the trip is less burdensome on teachers.
  3. Introduction of curtains upstairs to replace the blinds.
  4. Introduction of cold lollies and ice pops in the tuck shop.
  5. Uniform – the ideas of options regarding the school thobe/kurta.
  6. Introduction of Lockers
  7. The idea of phones being allowed through a phone request form.
  8. Introduction of hot food being available at lunch times.
  9. Introduction of the ‘Our Choice Project’, where students raise funds to go towards something of their choice in school.
  10. Longer Summer Holidays
  11. Introduction of Art lessons
  12. Introduction of double P.E lessons
  13. Introduction of a reward system
  14. Reduction of the chewing gum fine
  15. Discipline policy review
  16. Introduction of swimming in P.E lessons