London Islamic School is dedicated to provide excellent education to its pupil in a polite and safe Islamic environment preparing them for both Deen and Duniyah. The staff are well qualified and experienced in their subject expertise to meet the demand of the quality education provided by the school. All the staff of the school, as a single complete team strives for creating a well spacious room for your child to develop as a successful individual with qualities balanced for academic demands, sports, culture and community life.

Senior Management Team
Principal: Mawlana Thohur Uddin
Headteacher: Ustadh Abdulhadi Mamon
Deputy Head: Mawlana Inham Uddin
Assistant Head: Ustadh Arif Abdurrahmaan
Assistant Head: Mawlana Fadhil Chowdhury

Non Teaching Staff 
Office Manager: Mawlana Bodruzzaman Khan

Teaching Staff